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Free Venue and Entertainment Finding Service



FREE accommodation finding services.
FREE assistance for all business,
group and individual hotel needs.
Conferences and Meetings


With our service, we can assist you to find your ideal conference venue.
  • Venues from castles to boats
  • The right venue for your event
  • We will guide you through the planning process
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What We Do

What We Do BGC Events save you time and frustration when finding and confirming suitable venues and entertainment for your conference or meeting.
We use our 37 years of experience and supplier relationships to ensure you are provided with the best venue choices at the best prices from which to make your final decision.


Our Objective

Our Objective Our objective at BGC Events is to ensure that the venue and entertainment is right for you and your event.
We will:

FREE Hotel Finding Service
For Specific Events

BGC Events can find you a hotel when attending these events. More ...

Events and Dates

 20th ~ 26th June 2016
 UK Game Fair 
 22nd ~ 24th July 2016
 The Game Fair 
 29th ~ 31st July 2016
 Bird Fair 
 19th ~ 21st August 2016
 29th ~ 30th November 2016
 LAMMA, Leading Farm Machinery Show 
 18th ~ 19th January 2017
 The Great British Shooting Show 
 10th ~ 12th February 2017