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36 Years in the hospitality industry.

As a background, my partner Marie and I have been in the hospitality industry for a combination of over 30 years, including corporate and leisure travel, hotel and airline. This has provided an excellent grounding from which to operate our venue finding, hotel booking and event management business. We offer a very personal service and guarantee customers will only ever deal with us as Directors, making ourselves available 7 days a week.

In terms of our service, we provide Accommodation support for a number of events, including The CLA Game Fair, the LAMMA Show, The British Shooting and Countryman Show and The Birdfair. This is an entirely free service to both your organisation and the customer as we are remunerated through commission from the hotels. I have attached an example of the hotel allocation table we provide for these shows and the basis of the arrangement is that we take responsibility for organising and managing bedroom allocations at the surrounding hotels including negotiation of the rates and handling all reservations.
This is a win:win three-way relationship:

The attendees…

are provided with support and are assured of obtaining accommodation, which makes it easy for them to attend your event. Accommodation is notoriously difficult to obtain when shows are on and hotels will often inflate prices with the increased demand. This issue can be compounded, should another event be on at the same time. Through our service, we provide them with a range of accommodation options at set rates, leading to the opportunity for them to save money and save time with the accommodation booking process.

From the perspective of you the event organiser…

if attendees are happy, they are more likely to attend again, whilst reducing the likelihood of negative feedback and reducing the level of enquiries to the event office with regard to accommodation. This helps to create a successful event, whilst minimising the event office staff requirement.

From the hotels’ perspective…

it provides a much more structured approach to volume bookings and assists those that are a little further away from the event, to benefit from obtaining some of the business. They are particularly grateful when it comes to sorting our payment issues, which they would otherwise have to deal with themselves. Through our approach, we ensure full payment details are taken for every booking.

Just wanted to say, thanks very much for your help and support finding venues for our attendees for Energy Now Expo.

It really took a great deal of work off our hands, and made our lives a lot easier. Look forward to using you again!

Meg, Energy Now Expo


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