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Hotel NameStar RatingDistance From HatfieldCar ParkingBoard BasisPrice Per Room
(1 guest in single)
Hilton Metropole NEC4 ★0.6 miles - walkable£12Room only or Bed & BreakfastPrice on applicationNon-refundable contracted
Crowne Plaza NEC4 ★1.3 miles - walkable£10Bed & Breakfast£129Prepaid & non-refundable
Arden Hotel3 ★1.5 miles - walkableComplimentaryBed & Breakfast£1096 weeks prior to arrival

All rooms are quoted per room per night, are en-suite and are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.
Cancellation policy: Please see details in individual rows.
Payment terms: Unless advised otherwise in rows above – Credit card to be provided to guarantee reservation but no payment will be taken in advance and the charges will need to be settled on arrival with the hotel.
Each hotel is holding a limited number of rooms, so it is advisable to book early. The room rates at some hotels will vary according to the inclusions and standard, with the lowest priced rooms likely to be the first sold.
Whilst correct at the time of release, BGC Events cannot guarantee the rate until confirmation is received from the hotel, as the room rates listed are subject to availability

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